I cut up my Lululemon Wunder Under leggings. It was the scariest sewing thing I’ve ever done. My leggings were first generation Wunder Unders and almost 10 years old. I purchased them when I was living in California back when Lululemon was still an unknown boutique yoga clothing store. The fabric now is thinning and seams are beginning to show fatigue. I’ve wanted to have a legging pattern for the longest time, but with my frustrations trying to find a decent pant pattern, I was dubious that any standard legging pattern would work. I knew my Lululemon leggings fit, so I went about cutting up my leggings and using them to draft a pattern. Spoiler alert: the pattern is perfect!

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Dried Peaches


One of my goals this year was to dehydrate a box of peaches. Given the size of our food dehydrator, we were able to dehydrate several boxes of peaches. I store my dried fruit in 1/2 gallon mason jars and use the FoodSaver wide-mouth jar sealer to remove all the air from the jars. It’s a brilliant system and a great way to preserve dried fruit for later snacking (note that I am NOT being paid to promote these lovely products).

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Low Sugar, No Pectin Concord Grape Jam


It was one of those last minute things that ended up being both awesome and horrible. I was at work when I saw Petersen Family Farm’s post that they had 25 pound boxes of concord grapes now available in their farm shop. I was distraught, because I was at work late that day and had no way of getting to the farm. I asked my husband if he minded driving out to the farm after work, since I wasn’t going to be home until 7 PM anyways. Of course he went, because he loves Concord grape jam more than I do. What was suppose to take him 30 minutes to drive to the farm, took him 2 hours in the traffic. I got home before he even made it to Petersen’s. He got the absolute last box they had for the day! Victory. So thankful that my hubby got this box, because now we have perfect jars of Concord grape jam. I continued to use my miraculous 1:2 ratio for sugar to fruit and again it didn’t let me down. We now have 6 months worth of grape jam. Welp!

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Low Sugar, No Pectin Plum Jam

Basket full of autumn fruits

I bought a bag of plums this week from Allred Orchards. I wanted to try a small batch recipe of plum jam just to see how it would turn out and taste. It was hard not to just eat all the plums, but I managed to make jam before they were all gone. I’ve been using a 1:4 ratio with stone fruit to make jam. Meaning however much my processed fruit weighs in grams, I divide that by 4 and that’s how much sugar I add. This 1:4 ratio has so far worked perfectly with peaches, apricots, cherries, and now plums. I’ve been using a 1:2 ratio with berries: raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Jam on toast in the morning is about all the added sugar I eat in a day, otherwise fruit it how I get my daily dose of sweetness. I am really careful about how much sugar I consume in a day, so I want my jam as low sugar as possible, but to still taste great and last in my cupboard for the year. As a nerd scientist, I enjoy that my jam recipe is so exact. I hated trying to measure my fruit out in “cups”. That was never accurate enough for me. With this method of weighing your fruit, you can’t go wrong and my jam has gotten much more consistent across batches and across fruits. Predictability is good. Try it out the next time you make jam using stone fruit!

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